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"After A Previous Bad Implant Experience, This Office Proved That They Were Better Than The Rest."

Hi, my name is Rodney. I got a full arch by Dr. Jose. I started with going to different dentists, getting different opinions on what I needed to get done with my procedure. I got started with one dentist and on the business standpoint, it broke down between me and her. So, she had started. She had put implants in on the bottom, but it just didn’t feel right. It felt like they were out of place. So, I just got a second opinion on it. I come to find out it wasn’t done right.

My primary dentist introduced me to Dr. Jose to get my procedure done. I had felt confidence that he was going to do a good job. We just bonded. Our personalities, we just bonded and I felt safe and secure with him. Dr. Jose explained everything to me thoroughly and fully and told me what my options were. But my mind was made up. I already knew what I wanted. I just needed to feel right with the right doctor to do the work.

Dr. Jose explained everything to me thoroughly and fully and told me what my options were.

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Dr. Sanju Jose:

Rodney came to us from having a bad experience. A little apprehensive because he’s been through implants before. So, I described to Rodney exactly how we do things. That we’re not one of those practices that we just open up the gums and we just decide, “Okay, let’s put an implant here.” We start with the end in mind. We design what this model should look like.

And based on that, we put implants where they need to go and Rodney was able to see that. So, we stepped in, we reconstructed, put some implants in and we were able to screw in a prosthesis that does not have to come out. And you could tell that’s taken his confidence to a level that he’s at, the rest of him is at. Our team is happy to be a part of that.


It’s hard to put into words but this is fantastic. This is amazing. Yes, everybody complimented me on my smile. They complimented me on the work and it was just a blessing from where I came from. If someone really wanted to get a full arch work done, the way that Columbia Center Dental walked me through the procedure and let me know what I could do and what I couldn’t do, it just gave me a relief. So, I would advise anybody to go to Columbia Center Dental.

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