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State-of-the-Art Robotics for Precision Smiles

Robotic assistance is becoming a new standard of care in medicine, with ever-growing applications and one million patients a year currently treated with this technology. State-of-the-art robotics has vast potential to change the dentistry diagnostic and treatment paradigm. Robotic technology enables repetitive workflows for an indefinite length of time while enhancing the overall quality of patient care. In 2017, Yomi® by Neocis became the world’s first computerized navigation robotic system approved by the FDA to augment the clinical accuracy of dental implant surgery. At Columbia Center for Implants & Periodontics, we’re proud to be the first practice in Maryland to offer this innovation. Using a simple digital workflow, Yomi robot-assisted dental implant surgery in Columbia, MD delivers real-time multisensory guidance that enhances our surgical skills.

YOMI robotic implant device

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Dental Implant Robotics

Robotics for Dental Implant Surgery

Yomi is the first and only robotic device for dental surgery commercially available in the U.S. and is used by leading dental surgeons to help establish a new standard of care for dental implants. Dental implant surgery  outcomes are associated with the precision of implant placement. To reduce errors in implant positioning, surgical template guidance and navigation systems are used. Beyond standard guidance software, Yomi robot-assisted implant surgery enables increased flexibility, stability, and accuracy of implant placement.

Yomi Blends Accuracy with Flexibility

Yomi combines the accuracy of guided surgery with the flexibility of freehand surgery. Yomi works in context with the 3D and intraoral scans taken during your initial consultation to accurately plan your surgery. During surgery, the robot provides us with physical feedback guidance to place the dental implant more precisely and according to plan. This guidance covers the drill’s depth, orientation, and position, thereby avoiding custom fabrication of surgical guides and potential surgical deviations. In short, Yomi enables our team to direct the robotic instruments and combine our extensive skills with the benefits of robotic surgery.

Benefits of Yomi Robotics

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