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David - tooth extraction patient
"I No Longer Have To Worry About Ill Fitting Dentures Now That I Got Dental Implants."

Hi, I’m David. I have a full arch and Dr. Jose was my dentist. My journey started probably in my 30s. I’ve had upper dentures for the past twenty years and lower for about the past ten years. Originally, I want to say it started out at, maybe, gum disease, and then from there, they had taken care of it. But then my teeth, they ended up loose. I couldn’t even eat a grain of rice. That’s how bad it was. To where I would put adhesive in there and start eating and it would pop. Dr. Jose and myself clicked when I went to visit him for my consultation. We clicked just like that, very quickly. What I liked about Dr. Jose is he made you feel at home. He made you feel like family right off the bat.

I couldn't even eat a grain of rice. That's how bad it was. To where I would put adhesive in there and start eating and it would pop.

drsanju discussing implant options and yomi procedure

Dr. Sanju Jose:

When David came to us, he was already missing his upper and lower teeth. He was already in a set of dentures and he knew already that he was unhappy with it. And so, he was at a point where we needed to rebuild the bone. Unlike of conventional practices, not only do we place implants, we also can reconstruct your bone. David had tons of bone on the bottom, so I could do anything for him. We did some bone grafting on his upper jaw in the front. We went into his sinus cavities on the upper jaw in the back and did some bone grafting there. And all of that is healing amazing. And while all that is healing, we went to his lower jaw and we rebuilt that entire lower jaw with implants and gave him something completely screwed into place.


With having implants done, you have them for the rest of your life. The investment is well worth coming out and seeing the people here, I would prefer to have implants instead of dentures. It makes it much easier. They’re secure and you don’t have to worry about it. With the implants that I’m getting, I feel confident. My self-esteem is back, I’m enjoying life, and I smile a lot more now than I’d ever did before.

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