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How To Avoid A Dental Implant Disaster

Gold Standard Solutions for Missing Teeth

Despite an overall decrease in its prevalence, tooth loss still affects about 52% of adults in the U.S. Since the concept of osseointegration (fusion with natural bone) was introduced in 1969, implant dentistry has developed from an experimental invention to a highly successful and predictable treatment for replacing missing teeth. Today, dental implants are considered the gold standard tooth replacement option because they preserve adjacent tooth structure and bone while enhancing oral function and quality of life. In fact, the use of dental implants is increasing due to their longevity, functional benefits, natural appearance, and versatility. A 2018 dental implant trend study suggest that dental implant prevalence could be as high as 23% by 2026. Our team has helped countless patients get their lives back with a dental implant procedure in Columbia, MD. When you entrust your smile to Columbia Center for Implants & Periodontics, you’ll benefit from advanced training, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized dental implant options that fit your unique situation.

What to Expect

During your first visit, we’ll complete an in-depth medical and dental health history and a thorough examination to assess bone loss, loose teeth, bite, signs of periodontal disease, and other issues. As part of the initial evaluation, digital scans will be taken with a CBCT scanner to get an in-depth, 3D view of your teeth and jawbone. Leveraging CBCT technology and our Trios intraoral digital scanner, we’re able to visualize your bone anatomy, teeth, and gums. We use these findings to help determine the most optimal solution to restore your smile. Our team will discuss a detailed treatment plan and walk you through what to expect every step of the way. Before you leave, we’ll schedule your next visit for dental implant surgery.

Our team offers flexible, personalized teeth replacement options in Columbia, MD. Whether you need a single dental implant or complete restoration of your upper, lower, or both arches, we’ll discuss the best evidence-based options to restore your smile, both functionally and aesthetically. At Columbia Center for Implants & Periodontics, we’re dedicated to delivering clinical excellence and beautiful customized smiles!

Combined with the scans taken during your first visit, X-Guide technology enables our team to digitally create an ideal shape and size for new teeth. Robust treatment planning software coupled with the X-guide system enables our team to provide you with a precision dental implant procedure in Columbia, MD. This guidance encompasses the accurate depth, angulation, and position of dental implants to ensure a secure support for your restoration. Dynamic 3D Navigation cameras allow us to precisely track the drills during implant surgery to navigate the implant into its exact preplanned position for more desirable and functional aesthetic outcomes.

In addition to local anesthetics to numb your gums during dental implant surgery, we offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation to ensure your ultimate comfort. Both Dr. Sanju Jose and Dr. Andrew Chon are certified in administering IV sedation, which eliminates the costly expense of bringing in a specialist or treatment performed in an operating room or same-day surgical facility. IV conscious sedation involves a thin needle placed in your arm or hand. Then drugs are administered intravenously into your bloodstream with heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and breathing monitored carefully during your procedure. This form of conscious sedation reduces dental anxiety and allows you to stay relaxed. While some patients draft in and out of sleep, the amnesic effects of the drugs make you forget details associated with the procedure.

Healing after dental implant surgery varies from person to person, depending upon the quality and quantity of bone. After the initial phase of healing, we places an abutment (support post) or a healing cap onto the dental implant during a brief follow-up visit. Depending on your specific situation, we may be able to place and “load” implants immediately. This means temporary or permanent replacement teeth can be placed the same day or soon after your dental implant surgery. When infection or other bone issues are present, immediate implant placement is not an option.

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Why Do Dental Implants Fail?
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The Three Factors To Getting Dental Implants: Pain, Money, & Time

An Investment in Your Future Smile

The higher initial cost of dental implants is offset by their remarkable benefits. Before treatment begins, we make every effort to provide an accurate estimate of all the expenses involved in placing the implants and creating your replacement teeth. We believe everyone deserves the smile of their dreams, so our team will help you set up financing with one of two top-rated third-party financing companies. While dental typically provides limited or no coverage for dental implants, we do what we can to maximize your benefits and help you make this important investment in your future health and happiness.

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