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Transformative Dentistry for Restored Smiles

At Columbia Center for Implants & Periodontics, we understand that a missing smile can cause many negative repercussions. If you’re experiencing physical and or emotional discomfort caused by failing or missing teeth or tired of eating a limited diet, New Smile Today! may be the perfect solution. Our skilled periodontists have a long and proven track record providing restorative tooth replacement solutions and have seen firsthand the positive impact this has on our patients’ lives. We have vast experience eliminating painful and discouraging symptoms with full mouth restorative solutions that perfectly fit each patient’s facial features and lifestyle. If you’re missing many teeth or all of them, our team will create a personalized treatment plan to fit your needs and budget leveraging New Smile Today! full mouth dental implants in Columbia, MD. We’ve helped countless patients transform their lives and look forward to helping you improve your oral function, physical health, and self-image.

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Comparing Different Solutions

We’re pleased to offer a variety of tooth replacement solutions for failing or missing teeth, including removable and fixed implant supported dentures, partial bridges, and full mouth dental implants. Traditional dentures are the most affordable option, although they aren’t a long-term solution and lack the feel and functionality of natural teeth. New Smile Today! full mouth dental implants in Columbia, MD offers unparalleled versatility. With this solution, we strategically place four to 10 implants in your jawbone to support a full arch denture, based on your unique bone structure. This implant retained prosthesis solution is cost effective and provides greater stability in the bone, thereby reducing the need for bone graft surgery. Another benefit is that we can usually provide a temporary set of teeth the same day of surgery so you don’t have to live another day with missing teeth.

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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Our Efficient Process

Stage 1: Consultation

dental consultation

Once you’ve decided to restore your smile, our team will discuss your smile goals, provide clinical recommendations, and perform diagnostic imaging to determine the best solution. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of all the steps involved in your smile journey, including an accurate estimate of the cost and other information specific to your unique smile treatment plan.

Stage 2: Digital Design

digital smile design

At Columbia Center for Implants & Periodontics, we utilize the latest technology in digital and implant dentistry. We combine facial photographs, 4D jaw movement analysis, 3D cone beam CT radiographic imaging coupled with digital intraoral scans, to provide the most accurate, individualized, and esthetic outcome possible.

Stage 3: Implant Placement

dental implant placement

Leveraging the CBCT and intraoral scans we took during your first visit, coupled with our X-Guideâ system enables our team to provide you with precise full arch dental implants in Columbia, MD. This innovative technology helps us determine the most optimal areas in your jawbone with the densest, healthiest bone. The implant is a small titanium screw placed in your jawbone that replaces the root-part of your missing teeth. After administering a local anesthetic and sedation if requested, we make small incisions in your gum tissue to reveal the bone, create space using special instruments, and gently insert the titanium implants. If clinically appropriate, we use Yomi® robotics, which enhances the accuracy of guided surgery while providing the flexibility of freehand surgery.

Stage 4: Restoration

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Dr. Torres

Aftercare - How To Ensure That Your Dental Investment Lasts!

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Before After

The healing process during which implants fuse with the jawbone takes several months and varies from person to person. In many cases, we can provide temporary teeth created from the high-quality dental acrylic PMMA for you to wear while you’re healing. Follow-up care (one to four appointments) is usually needed to ensure that your mouth is healing properly and to determine the best timing for the restorative phase of treatment. After our dental lab creates your customized permanent zirconia prosthesis, you’ll return for the fitting. Our team will check to make sure your new teeth fit perfectly, complement your unique facial features, and also discuss care and maintenance with you.

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Although they come with a higher upfront cost, full mouth dental implants are a cost-effective treatment compared to other tooth replacement options. The specific cost varies based on your personalized treatment plan, including the need for preliminary procedures such as tooth extraction and bone grafting. When you consider New Smile Today! provides a lifetime of oral health and happiness with proper care, this investment pays invaluable dividends! In addition to offering third-party financing, we offer a one-year warranty on New Smile Today! as long as you follow our maintenance guidelines.

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