3D Imaging & Computer Guided Surgery

Whether your case involves replacing a few missing teeth, or involves a full arch/full mouth reconstruction, we use the latest in technology while working with a restorative dentist and a cutting edge dental laboratory, to plan the implant surgery digitally with the final goal in mind.

3D Imaging and Digital Impressions 

Even in cases where you are missing all your teeth, we are able to accurately place all your implants based on a plan that we create digitally, based on your specific anatomy, functional needs, and esthetic values. Using the latest in software, we can use data from our 3D scan and intra-oral scan to digitally create a model of the final prosthesis that is customized for you, and then plan our implants to be positioned in the ideal spots for this prosthesis. Once all the planning has been finalized, custom surgical guides are 3D printed and the implant surgery becomes precise and efficient, leading to minimal post-operative discomfort and accurate results.

 Digital impressions
 3D Impressions
 3D impressions

 3D Imaging
 Dental Implants

Our practice will continue to be at the forefront of dental technology, and we assure our patients that the treatment we deliver to them is based on proven studies and techniques, while utilizing the latest in technology.